EVE STONES 14k Gold Kiara Long Single Drop Earring

$ 580

 14k Yellow Gold Kiara Single Long Drop Earrings with Tourmalines& Ruby
Tourmalines Properties

Grounding  your energies to the Earth ,Cleansing your aura, Psychic protection from negative entities,Getting rid of negative thoughts,Releasing anger, Releasing unworthiness

 Tourmalines Dimensions 

 4by3mm pear shaped 
4mm round 
Ruby Dimensions
as the Last Drop 5 by 6 mm pear shaped
Ruby Properties
Increases vitality.Enhances motivation.Stimulates Tantric energy.Promotes the rising of the Kundalini.Encourages the exploration of new thoughts and ideas.Enhances feelings of passion (both in life and in relationships)Aids in opening the Heart Chakra.Creates feelings of divine love.
Those stones are healers ,
Wear them close to you !!!

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