EVE STONES 14K August Birthstone Pendant

$ 320

14k August Peridot Birthstone Gold Necklace

Pear Shaped piece Handcrafted  in 14k Yellow with a peridot pear shape as the center piece!

Total Length is 18''

Peridot Stone Property :" The Glorious yellow-green Peridot in shades of Olives evokes the lateness of summer as leaves morph from green to gold ; it carries the gift of inner radiance , sharpening the mind and opening it to new levels of awareness and growth ;Set in Gold and worn around the b=]neck it was used as a charm against sorcery , magic ,evil spirits. it is a powerful generator of the frequency wear it as a Talisman to manifest love , wealth , happiness and health.

~ Wear your Birthstone as a protection~

Your  Birthstone Stone will Protect you,

~keep it close your Heart~


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